Recent consultations NPPG have responded to


  • Vaccine uptake in under 19s (quality standard) statement of support submitted

  • Consultation on changes to technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies circulated to members for individual comment

  • ADHD Guideline scope   NPPG had no comments on the published scope and we informed NICE of this . There is a place on GDG for a pharmacist/pharmacologist. Details sent to NPPG Members (via PM) so they can apply directly if interested. Some suggestion recently that no pharmacist has been appointed and that the GDG is chasing.

  • RA scoping workshop on 24/5/16 expressions of interest sought from members by 11th April

  • IV fluids guideline comments invited

  • TB guideline comments submitted

  • Medicines Optimisation comments invited on key topics for review in Jan 2016 update


  • Comments submitted on Good Practice Guide and risk minimisation and prevention of medication errors

  • Risk minimisation strategy for high strength and fixed combination insulin products reviewed but no comments submitted

  • ICH E11(R1) guideline on clinical investigation of medicinal products in the pediatric population

NHS Improvement

  • Never Events policy and framework review 2016 circulated to members for individual comment

NHS England

  • Commissioning Policies: Funding of Treatment outside of Clinical Commissioning Policy or Mandated NICE Guidance - A. In-year service development, B. Individual Funding Requests, C. Funding for experimental and unproven treatments, D. Continuing funding after clinical trials circulated to members for individual comment

  • Consultation on the Clinical Commissioning Policy Proposition: Commissioning Medicines in Children circulated to members for individual comment


  • Continuing Professional Development: 2016 consultation circulated to members for individual comment


  • Specials Guidance for Prescribers   Response drafted